This website seeks to be a meeting point for those who want to deepen their understanding of Massimo Scaligero – the poet, thinker, and ascetic – through his life, his writings, his lectures and through projects focused on his being.

The first project – BEYOND – is a documentary film that provides an introduction to his life and his thinking through the words and memories of those who knew and followed him.

This documentary film arises from dutiful gratitude to a man who dedicated his entire life to all who seek an answer to the meaning of life.

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Please find here below a trailer for the documentary film:

Thought of the day

The I that Man says it is cannot be the I, if not in living thought : which is still unknown to him. It only knows thought thought, or reflected thought, but it does not know how it knows it. It must first think in order to know its own thought: it does not know thinking at all.

(From “A Treatise on living Thinking”)